Darkside ransomware SandBlast Forensics report

This is a kubernetes dashboard you should see once went through the simple steps in this article.

Credits for this particular visual goes to @ Dean Papa Siemplify.

Stats of web attacks in percentages
  • Web App Recon: (Information gathering, Web App mapping)
  • Structure (Modern vs Legacy, REST APIs, JS Object Notation: Variables, Functions, Context…


Computer photo created by freepik
  • Firewall is like a doorman; sits at the perimeter, he keeps everyone out who tries to sneak in via open basement-windows-roof etc, but once someone enters through the official door, he lets everybody in, esp. when the house-owner brings guests in; it just allows or blocks traffic, based on port/ip and source and destination allowed. To elaborate further in technical terms, firewall analyzes packet headers and enforces policy based on protocol type, source address, destination address, source port, and/or destination…

Jon Goldman

Cloud Security, Automation, DevOps, AWS, Azure, GCP

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